Engine Diagnostics in Deeside & Flintshire

Looking for an engine diagnostics check in Deeside, Flintshire, Chester and North Wales? We have the latest Autologic engine diagnostics computer which specialises in Range Rover and Land Rover, BMW, Volkswagen; Audi, Seat and Skoda vehicle diagnostics.  This means we can find the fault causing dashboard warning lights to appear.


BMW & Mini Diagnostics

Our BMW diagnostic specialists have many years experience within the diagnostic industry and use only the latest world leading diagnostic solutions from Autologic to find faults causing warning lights. That gives us the ability to offer a dealer level BMW diagnostic service at a much lower price.

  • BMW Diagnostics covers vehicles from 1986 onwards
  • BMW Mini Diagnostics covers vehicles from 2001 onwards

Engine Diagnostics Flintshire

Range Rover Diagnostics

Get dealer level Range Rover and Land Rover diagnostics at much lower rates. Our Range Rover diagnostic specialists can identify the problem using the latest technology and can perform the following tasks to name but a few:

  • Flash Programming
  • Car Configuration File (CCF) Function -Cruise control editing
  • Conversions – Simplify fitting accessories
  • Air Suspension – Our diagnostic solution even exceeds IDS capability
  • Range Rover and Land Rover Diagnostics covers vehicles from 1989 onwards

Range Rover Diagnostics Deeside

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat & Skoda Diagnostics

VAG (Volkwagen Audi Group) diagnostics don’t have to break the bank. Our VAG diagnostic specilists can find the root of any problem with our affordable service without comprimising on quality. Not only that but we offer many diagnosic services (see below) that you won’t find at the dealer:

  • Guided Functions – dash panel, ECU replacement, brake pad replacement, self-leveling suspension calibration, service light reset and dynamic commencement of injection
  • Descriptive coding menu – we can quickly configure vehicles
  • New key coding – we can automatically adapts keys without the need for PIN codes
  • Special functions – we offer solutions such as TV enabling so that the TV can be viewed whilst car is in motion
  • VAG Diagnostics covers all VW and Audi vehicles from 1992 onwards and all Seat and Skoda vehicles from 1996 onwards

Find and Fix Engine Faults


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